My brain ain’t working the way it was!

Alright, I felt really bad yesterday, reason being I’ve bumped into two people that I USED to know, but I was unable to recall who they really ARE!  And I still don’t today!

It all started at around 7pm’ish when I just arrived at the ‘TwinStar Buffet BBQ House‘ with my wife and her colleagues, once we were all seated I began scattering for the foods.  Then out of a sudden, someone called out my name, I turned left and I saw a woman, then I made the “who the fxxk are you?” sorta face.  The following conversation was in Foo Chow:

“You don’t remember me anymore don’t ya?”

“…well yeah, you are?”

“Aiyoh~ I’m Remy leh~~”

I still can’t recall who the heck is Remy! And yes you can bet how AWFUL I feel at that time, but I’ve decided to act as if I remembered her.

“Ohhhh Remy~ wow we’ve like… haven’t seen each other for so many years huh?”  -_-

“hehe yeah~”

Then the conversation ends there awkwardly and we both moved on with our food collecting.  I guess she can tell I really don’t remember her, that was really embarrassing for me to say the least.

After the dinner, I went out with some friends while my wife stays at the restaurant to chat with her colleagues.  We stopped at another cafe / restaurant called “源福” to have a couple drinks, when we’re done and about to leave, someone called out my name again, I looked to my right then I saw a waiter, then the conversation goes like this:

“Hey Stanley~! How are you?”

“Oh…fine fine…….”  Again with my ‘who the fxxk are you’ expression.

“You can’t remember me?  I’m XXXX lah!”

Again I decided to cheat.

“Oh hey, so you’re working here right now huh?”
“Good for you, I’ll come by again man, see ya!”

Yes my brain is definitely malfunctioning!!!!

p/s: I’m still trying hard to remember these two people that I’ve met last night though. ^^

7 Responses to “My brain ain’t working the way it was!”

  1. Wah! So young already so forgetful… Dementia kah? LOL!!!

  2. Stan, go get a brain diagnosis LOL!

  3. damn….i wonder if i shout ur name next time, will u remember me or u give me a bash?

  4. Jeff, there’s a huge possibility that it’d be the latter. ^_^

  5. Haha! I have a feeling those 2 people know you are lying. Better tell the truth next time, just say you don’t remember because you lost part of your memory climbing Mt Kinabalu. OK, that’s a lie but it’s a fact that the thin layer of air on top of Mount Kinabalu can destroy some of your brain cells. It happened to my friend, so I know this is not just some story cooked up. LOL

  6. foongpc, yeah you’re right, I should’ve just told them the truth, hence I felt bad about it, haha!

  7. hahahahaha…
    now you should admit that you are old already..
    need some vitamins, get your wife to buy some for you. lolzzzzzz

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