Rust, rust and more rust~

Well, after driving and drifting my trusty old Charmant for several years, the rust has decided to come and hunt me (well it ain’t the first time though).

Somehow I noticed that the rust and the condition of my Charmant’s body started to get worse after the 4AGE conversion, or maybe its the fact that I didn’t took enough care of it, most probably the latter.  Anyhow, I’m going to be sending the car into a local body shop for rust removal and some welding job if required, better late than never right?

I have a few pictures here just to show you how’s my rust condition is at the moment…

bonnetrustThis is how my current bonnet looks like, what an awful sight huh?  Well once I got all these rusts fixed, I might just paint this bonnet in black.

frontliprustThis is my front bumper lip, with several cracks here and there just to make it look worse.  Should this front lip stays white or make it black as well?

fender-rust2This is my left front fender, aside from the cracks, the fender is also not in a very good shape either, you can see how its being pushed outwards, can’t recall what actually caused that though.

fender-rust3This is from the right rear fender, check out the damage, you can actually tear those paint+putty apart pretty easily by hand.

doorrustThe door needs to be fixed as well, its leaking too!  Argh~!

rearbumperrustAnother big crack just above my exhaust, this was actually caused by a motorcycle accident (it crashed into the car from behind, backside yeah baby!) when my dad was driving.  So now you know I did not do that just so that I can install the bigger exhaust, which many have mistaken so, LOL!

Aside from fixing all the rust on both the exterior and interior of the car, I’m also thinking of whether I should just strip the whole car bare naked and perform spot welds to strengthen the body and chassis.  My concerns would be the amount of work, time and $$ required to get all these jobs done properly, which I am totally lacking at the moment… well, I’ll see how it goes.  But one thing for sure, once the body is fixed, the car is definitely getting a new paint, I’m thinking of white but not exactly sure what kind of white just yet, that is something I’m really looking forward to, guess its finally time for me to stop drifting with a rusty crap! Haha!

That’s it for now, I’ll update the body repairing process from time to time.  So stay tuned!


10 Responses to “Rust, rust and more rust~”

  1. Stan, if you have the greens its better to strip the whole car down for some chassis strengthening and also be prepared to find more rust inside which is definately better then doing the rust work halfway (some parts of your car, which are shown by the pictures). For me it’s better since you only spend once to kill the whole rust (if you strip the whole car) then started to kill one by one rust at the fender, lips, doors etc. Maybe you should paint it Black, maybe it looks way tougher 😛

    But well it depends on you and your will to spend.

    My RB27 cents.

  2. walao~RB27 cents LOL!!

    I will definitely strip the entire interior and do some thorough rust inspection before proceeding, problem is, I’m not exactly sure if I wanted to do spot welds as I think it’d cost me way out of my budget.

    I did some photoshop to my car to see how it looks under different paints, black doesn’t look too convincing on my car lar~ What do you think of white body + black hood?

  3. Spot weld – car body more keras, more stable and definately better. But it will cost you as I said.

    I think you should list out your budget, and maybe try to ask the shop/garage where you wanted to strip and paint your car about how much total cost it is, lets say:

    Striping the car: RM?
    Repair the rust: RM?
    Repaint: RM?
    Putting back the parts: RM?

    This should give you a clear list of which one you really wanted to do badly on your car, and which one will cost the most of all.

    Striping the car – DIY, the workshop or maybe ask your friend to help
    Repair the rust – DIY if you know what to do about it, easiest way is to send to specialist right away
    Repaint – Spray can? But then your car must be sand-ed right?
    Putting back the parts – Labour will cost you I think unless you got a bunch of friend or volunteer to help you put the parts together if they know how to put those back LOL!

    Black colour looks cool actually, if you got the right set of rims actually.

    White body + black hood might look okay, but I think it’d look funny since your car suspension is still abit high right?

    This is your best bet:

    My SR22 cents.

  4. My wife’s Proton Saga 1st generation one – also rusting badly but the man at the shop said let it rot. Later can just buy the parts and replace. So nice! Too bad yours isn’t a Proton. Oh ya…the man also said rust is like cancer, no mater how you repaint, will come again and again… Wanna buy my wife’s Proton Saga? LOL!!!

  5. hope you get it fixed and cleaned up soon. i laughed at your comment on victor’s blog about the frame and the maid. hehehe… you are naturally funny right?

  6. Zam, here’s my budget:

    Stripping the car: RM0.50
    Repair rust: RM10
    Repaint: RM50
    Installing the parts: RM2

    LoL!! Kena belasah by the mech if I tell them this budget!

    Thanks for the great Charmant pictures, I think I’d prefer the white one. ^_^


    Suituapui: Old cars FTW!


    dong ho: Thanks for dropping by! I don’t think I’m naturally funny though, but if it is, well good for me! haha! ^^

  7. Stan,

    Your mechanic will say to you “go modified a hotwheel car la lidat, tiu!” LOL!

  8. Treat the rust man. It’ll keep coming up on and off still. Really hate those little buggers. Hey, gonna be checking this blog on and off. Hey, why not roll your fenders out while you’re at it !!! Haha :p

  9. tofu: Hey man thanks for dropping by. I can’t roll the fender now la, my wheels so small, will look stupid later on unless I get a wider wheel. ^^

  10. My rear wheels are narrow too. Bet it looks stupid with the rear arch like that on me. But people notice the front first cause of the chamber. So they don’t notice it!! :p

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