Exhausting Sunday

Yesterday was one helluva busy day!  First I went out to had breakfast with my family, then we head to a Charity Bazaar at “Jian Xing” high school.  After that the fun part starts as I drove my Charmant to my usual playground to meet up a friend of mine called Luke, whom is another Bintulu ‘ex-drifter’.

Due to the super hot weather (it was almost 11am), my tires doesn’t last long, I’ll let the picture do the talking:


I changed 2 tyres during the drift session, though it was real hot but we had fun.  Luke had to drive all the way back to Bintulu in the afternoon, and also due to the fact that I had a basketball game to play soon after this, I rushed all the way home just to get changed and headed to the nearby basketball court from my house to meet up with my basketball buddies.

Without taking any shower at all, the already sweaty body of mine gets even more sweatier (and smelly too) after 1 and a half hours of non stop hoop action.  Tired from the basketball session, I did not drove home immediately for a cool shower, instead, I drove all the way to a tyre shop at Jalan Lanang just o stock up my spare tires and also change my current ones:



With my tires changed and some extra tires in my booth, it cost me RM80 for a total of 3 tyres, 2 of them have like 90% thread on it so it was a good bargain, if you wonder how can it be sold that cheap, well its Indonesia brand and nobody wants it! lol!

At around 2pm, I finally got home and took a long shower.  After the shower and some rest on my bed, I’ve noticed I’ve only had so little time left for my lunch before I have to head to the office to meetup with my hashing buddies!  Due to the time constraints, I’ve decided to have only breads as my lunch, and some chocolate milk, plus I ain’t that hungry too.

I’ve arrived my office at 3:15pm, then we depart immediately to the hash destination.  Without any pictures taken, I’ll try to make this as short as possible.  While all of us are climbing our ass off in the hills, the rain started pouring down and it gets heavier soon after which makes the climbing process extremely challenging for me as I was only equipped with a cheap shoe which doesn’t do its job pretty well, as a result, I was literally sliding and falling on every downhill decents, ha!

Got home at almost 7pm and I was already exhausted, after my shower and dinner, I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep at a very early time of 8pm.  What a full packed Sunday I had.


7 Responses to “Exhausting Sunday”

  1. Brother…next week find us go basketball also….Long time no play….

  2. u are really freak on drifting, feel pity on those tires. hope them rest in peace.

  3. R.I.P? No mercy~~~!!!!!! XD

  4. Wei, hamster is cute what lol. You got your wife, I got my hamster (for now) LOL!

  5. Gosh! Waht sort of tyres you use…can become like that? Retread ones kah? Btw, this is a return courtesy visit. Thanks for dropping by my blog and do keep hopping over, ya!

  6. Getting tires from the shop that I used to go eh? Used to tip a little more to one Iban lad as he used to be the one who changes my tires.

  7. Tofu: Yeah I was getting tires from the shop that you recommended me to, the tauke as you mentioned is very nice indeed, apart from that shop, I also visit many other tire shops from time to time, they don’t always have free tires to give away all the time though, haha! ^^

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