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The barely naked Charmant!

Posted in Car stuff on November 28, 2008 by Stanley Carter

Yep, my car is finally in the bodyshop, and had some of the interior parts stripped for rust inspection and repairs, at least the rear seats and the dashboards are still intact though.

dsc00282Front seats hilang!

dsc00281Another view of the interior from the rear door.

dsc00280Damn! Desperately in need of repair!

Due to the sorry fact that I visited the workshop at a much later time and equipped only with a handphone, the pictures that you see above are a bit dark, therefore I only took 3 of them.  Apart from stripping out the interior parts of my car, there isn’t really much been done just yet, I’ve actually visited the shop yesterday and much progress have been done on the left portion of the car, I assume the car should be near completion by the end of next week, hopefully.

Enough of the rust bucket pictures shall we?  Let’s move on to something less boring and ugly.

Last week my wife’s younger bro came to fix up something on my daily ride, and he came with his AE70 which was bought months ago.

dsc00279Sexy? Yes!

dsc00276Another sexy rear view of this ol’school car.


Apparently this car also needs some serious repairs to be done on its body.  Good thing is that it will be sent to the same workshop right after my car is completed.  Too bad my wife’s bro ain’t really into drifting, this would’ve been such a beauty if driven sideways!

My brain ain’t working the way it was!

Posted in Personal on November 23, 2008 by Stanley Carter

Alright, I felt really bad yesterday, reason being I’ve bumped into two people that I USED to know, but I was unable to recall who they really ARE!  And I still don’t today!

It all started at around 7pm’ish when I just arrived at the ‘TwinStar Buffet BBQ House‘ with my wife and her colleagues, once we were all seated I began scattering for the foods.  Then out of a sudden, someone called out my name, I turned left and I saw a woman, then I made the “who the fxxk are you?” sorta face.  The following conversation was in Foo Chow:

“You don’t remember me anymore don’t ya?”

“…well yeah, you are?”

“Aiyoh~ I’m Remy leh~~”

I still can’t recall who the heck is Remy! And yes you can bet how AWFUL I feel at that time, but I’ve decided to act as if I remembered her.

“Ohhhh Remy~ wow we’ve like… haven’t seen each other for so many years huh?”  -_-

“hehe yeah~”

Then the conversation ends there awkwardly and we both moved on with our food collecting.  I guess she can tell I really don’t remember her, that was really embarrassing for me to say the least.

After the dinner, I went out with some friends while my wife stays at the restaurant to chat with her colleagues.  We stopped at another cafe / restaurant called “源福” to have a couple drinks, when we’re done and about to leave, someone called out my name again, I looked to my right then I saw a waiter, then the conversation goes like this:

“Hey Stanley~! How are you?”

“Oh…fine fine…….”  Again with my ‘who the fxxk are you’ expression.

“You can’t remember me?  I’m XXXX lah!”

Again I decided to cheat.

“Oh hey, so you’re working here right now huh?”
“Good for you, I’ll come by again man, see ya!”

Yes my brain is definitely malfunctioning!!!!

p/s: I’m still trying hard to remember these two people that I’ve met last night though. ^^

Black & White Paint Job Preview

Posted in Car stuff on November 21, 2008 by Stanley Carter

Yes, I’m a bit bored yesterday so I’ve decided to do a little photoshop just to see how my car would look if I would to apply the black on my bonnet, here are the previews:







And then black again